About Us

In 2017 Luma Terra started as a simple 150 bed hostel project. Little did we know that our concept for Luma Terra would become so much more.

We saw that Prague was missing a key hospitality service that would adhere to our sustainability goals all the while providing comfort in a designer hostel with an emphasis on enriching guests' community experience. Luma Terra should serve as an inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle, connecting urban living with people and nature. Find out more about our pledge here.

Luma Terra aims to create an unforgettable experience as well as a sense of belonging and community with each and every stay, combining hospitality and entertainment. Our events are specifically tailored for travellers who wish to explore and experience the local culture during their stay in Prague.

Luma Terra is an oasis for travellers situated at the intersection of a busy main street and Prague’s downtown area, roughly 400m away from the National Museum. Our hostel is located in one of the most accessible parts of the city. Travellers hoping to explore Prague by foot will love the fact that we are only 2 minutes away from I.P. Pavlova’s metro station and 5 minutes from Wanceslav’s Square. For backpackers travelling through Europe, we are only 10 minutes by foot from the main railway station Hlavní nádraží.